Zeptoscope is an interactive plotting application. It is written in pure Java and runs on many platforms, including Windows and Mac OS. Zeptoscope creates plots of multiple signals versus time. Some screenshots can be seen on the Getting Started page.

This program can create easy-to-read plots in a consistent style, which is convenient for working with large amounts of experimental data and creating plots for research, reports and publications. A plot can be created with a few mouse clicks. The settings may be modified and saved, and users can easily switch between different configurations.

Some of the program's other features are:

  • Data file drag-and-drop
  • Optional auto reload (for live data)
  • Zooming and panning using both keyboard shortcuts and mouse
  • Multiple ordinate axes for different units of measurement
  • Optional separate panels sharing the time axis
  • Numerical display of selected points and basic statistical analysis
  • Title generation from metadata
  • Configurable trace stroke and color, symbol shape and color assignment based on signal name
  • Clipboard copy
  • PNG file export

The basic version of Zeptoscope is available for free download. It supports data files generated by the script-driven Zephyr data acquisition application. Support for more data formats and some other enhancements are planned for the version of Zeptoscope that is currently under development. For more information or to suggest another data format that the program should support, please contact us.